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Comic Con 1998

Rebecca and Spidey (57,575 bytes)Q and Rebecca (60,269 bytes)Stacey and Julie Strain (59,083 bytes)Luke's Uncle Owen from Star Wars - played by Phil Brown  (70,395 bytes)Robbie and Rebecca (60,325 bytes)
Terminator and Rebecca (80,139 bytes)Jason Carter of Babylon 5 (55,003 bytes)Jack Stauffer (Bojay) // Richard Hatch (Apollo) // unknown (60,606 bytes)A friend and his model (54,586 bytes)The awesome duo that is Anti-Ballistic Pixelations !!! (68,469 bytes)
Hosts of the Costume Contest (30,028 bytes)Rebecca and a Klingon (54,063 bytes)Sailor Scott (32,535 bytes)A cool articulated costume... (36,078 bytes)Iria - anime
X-Files meet Jack the Ripper (37,382 bytes)Toxie !!!!   (47,893 bytes)The escalators to the send floor of the convention center. (27,730 bytes)Some girl in a fur Bikini. (29,249 bytes)A Jawa - this actor played the Jawa that captured R2D2 in the 1st movie. (30,876 bytes)
Julie Strain (30,712 bytes)Another of Rebecca and a Klingon (26,267 bytes)Another of Anti-Ballistic Pixelations. (61,579 bytes)And another of Anti-Ballistic Pixelations again... (31,708 bytes)She is Shi.  (26,630 bytes)
Which do I fear more? (15,805 bytes)She had me going there for a minute, but Spawn keeps up the pose. (16,079 bytes)Ain't Spidey a sweetheart with the kiddies? (28,376 bytes)Who is that sexy Dame with Spidey... Why it's Rebecca!!! (28,200 bytes)And another of Rebecca with Terminator Model. (27,913 bytes)
Rebecca gets carried away by the Toxic Avenger. Sgt. Kabukiman checks her out. (31,622 bytes)Some host from Anime show on some channel.. whatever.. she is cute. (31,244 bytes)   

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